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FIFA 17 updates: Enhancements gamers hope to experience

When "FIFA 16" entered the video gaming market last September, it brought a good number of gamers into the digital football arena; thus, developer EA Sports is expected to release yet another version of the video game this year. And while it has packed the current "FIFA 16" with lots of new features, there is always room for improvement for the much anticipated "fifa 17 coins. "

Some enthusiasts have a lot of enhancements in mind that they hope they will be seeing in the next "FIFA" upgrade. According to Bleacher Report, video gamers request some improvements in the upcoming football simulator.

They reckon a press conference would be a good option after each match in addition to offering insights into decisions and results made by each team. This will give gamer the ability to view live scores as well as match points.

An option to control players is also desired, and also penalties along with disciplinary measures for their indiscretions are things the traditional coach would love to have as an option in "FIFA 17. "

Also, a pitch in addition to stadium update is one of the greatest enhancements "FIFA" players undoubtedly wish to encounter. The stadium that would be utilized in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is preferable for players and footballers alike.

There are already group captains plus coaches, but an agent sounds more convenient for your supportive gamer. Thus, some "cheap fifa 17 coins" players recommend a digital Jorge Mendes for crew negotiations.

In "FIFA seventeen, " another feature sought by enthusiasts is controlling injuries. This requires the option to make a decision on whether to treat an injured player during crucial factors in a game or to decide that it is just a fake injury.

EA Sports, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts that creates and even develops sports video games, reportedly addresses the concerns of online game enthusiasts and "FIFA" enthusiasts, and has promised its fans that a better soccer gaming knowledge will be open for its supporters this 2016. According to FIFA 17 News, EA has hired ideologists and avid gamers alike to detect bugs and glitches in "FIFA 16" so as to avoid facing the same problems in the future "FIFA 17" computer game.

In an interview with FoxBusiness, Michael Pachter, a video video game, social media, digital media, together with electronics analyst with Wedbush Securities, said that "FIFA" is very significant in order to EA Sports activities.

He explained, "It's very important to EA. buy fifa 17 coins sales range from $1 billion to be able to $1. 5 billion annually (including in-game purchases). inch

With that, fans are expecting an even better "FIFA" game this year.

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