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The FIFA 17 Release Date

The buy fifa coins release date was not announced yet but FGN already has some information that want to share with you.

We were the first website to announce the FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 release dates. We did it four months before the official announcement. This year, we will be again the first one to share this information with you. And much earlier…

Here it is the estimated FIFA 17 Release Date for your region:

North America

September 20, 2016 (Tuesday)

Latin America

September 22, 2016 (Thursday)


September 22, 2016 (Thursday)


September 22, 2016 (Thursday)


September 22, 2016 (Thursday)


October 6th, 2016 (Thursday)

FIFA 17, also known as FIFA Soccer 17 in North America, will be available to Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, XBox One and Playstation 4.

The FIFA 17 release date for all these platforms should be the same, including current and next-gen consoles.

FUT 17 Web App will be available for returning FUT gamers at September 13, 2016 (Tuesday), one week before the game release. The gamers will be rewarded with some welcome packs according to their FUT 16 activity. If everything goes normal, the fifa coins cheap Demo will be launched on September 6th.

Another way to start playing FIFA 17 earlier is to subscribe the EA Access. For some dollars more you will be able to start playing the new FIFA at September 15th, 2016. It is expected that in this date, the FIFA 17 Companion App will be released in the Apple and Google stores.

Last year, FIFA 16 was released on September 22 in North America and September 24 in Australia, Latin America and Europe, including UK. The game was sold in Japanese stores only in October.

We remind you that the ut coins release date indicated in this article is merely indicative. Currently, there is not any official confirmation of when it will be possible to play FIFA 17. We will keep you updated on this subject.

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