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All Forums Top We need $75.00 to run DotaPod in Nov!  ...23456..11 sprion 2-Jun-2009 107/101936 chenjinyan11 23-Mar-2017 10:09
All Forums Top Dotapod presents: sprion  ...23456..11 macx98 4-Jul-2010 103/90974 whn 7-Mar-2017 09:37
Category Top   DotaPod Gaming Rules  ...2345 Psion 19-Jul-2011 46/42403 lcklck16 5-Jan-2017 16:42
Disconnect or Lagging? Read this before posting! Attachment  ...2345 sprion 24-Mar-2010 45/59934 macx98 23-Jul-2010 00:12
  Forum Thread   
  Dotapod is down  ...23456..8 zeemad 29-Jan-2012 72/21297 lcklck16 5-Jan-2017 17:21
  WHY CAN'T I JOIN BETA/TEST server games??????  ...2 XxxASSASINSxxX 16-Apr-2012 13/3080 lcklck16 5-Jan-2017 17:07
  Why have i been banned Diegeelvis 24-Jun-2012 8/2135 lcklck16 5-Jan-2017 17:00
Running DPGS for the first time. sprion 11-Mar-2009 7/2822 lzm 29-Aug-2016 22:22
  I can't Find any game in dotapod ZzshadowZz 28-Jun-2015 0/543 ZzshadowZz 28-Jun-2015 09:02
  lag problem Fvcku 18-Jun-2011 2/2261 habatt 10-Apr-2014 13:02
  I think creating game is applicable only to the router you given. melchrisidie 24-Aug-2013 6/1185 WaLangHanggan 27-Aug-2013 21:43
  Is the ordinary member(not VIP) can create game in DOTAPOD? melchrisidie 23-Aug-2013 4/1356 melchrisidie 24-Aug-2013 19:06
  bed BeDoixz 26-Dec-2012 2/1378 gold.chocobo 28-Dec-2012 21:20
  why dotapod no dota game wait for 3 hours kamloontai 2-Jun-2012 2/1990 dota889 6-Sep-2012 15:52
  ****ing need more host and no lagg like b4 liljiggy12 26-May-2012 6/1742 IlllIlIlIlIIll 30-May-2012 23:25
  Why have i been banned F(e)eder 30-Apr-2012 5/1819 ikkitsuki 10-May-2012 14:13
  Why i am getting uncorrected BANNED? Pls help  ...2 ProCinaMelayu 22-Apr-2012 11/3803 007Harsh 29-Apr-2012 20:11
  >>Hello<< Att!!! Mod Banana.Net......  ...2 deltz115 13-Apr-2012 14/5435 deltz115 16-Apr-2012 00:34
  TREE TAG XxxASSASINSxxX 12-Apr-2012 6/1983 Pedophilez 14-Apr-2012 06:52
  DP Philippine Server backspaced 15-Mar-2011 2/3378 JeromeJustin009 25-Mar-2012 14:53

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